PTS has specialized in developing mobile and tablet solutions since the dawn of PDAs. Our currently available products and capability for custom solutions covers both web-based and native app development for iOS and Android platforms. We not only create applications but design, develop and host mobile environments for the entire enterprise.

We use a proven Systems Development Methodology (SDM) to ensure your requirements are met, on time and on budget. Project management is carefully administered by customer-centered project managers who know your business. And, PTS’ project management website gives all of our clients the ability to track their Mobile/Tablet program development, every step of the way.

Whether it’s a training, operational support, sales, fixed operations, or a customer service app that you are after, at PTS, we have an answer that is right for you.

  • Overview

  • Features & Benefits



PTS currently has a variety of Mobile/Tablet apps, including:

  • Paperless Workshop
  • ConferenceMaster™
  • Dealer Call Report
  • Capacity Planning Tool
  • DriveMaster™ Service Guide
  • MoRE ( Mobile Resource Environment)
  • Mobile/Tablet Training
At PTS we understand your business



Features & Benefits

PTS Mobile/Tablet applications are offered with the following features and benefits:

  • Proven—market proven designs used by many Fortune 100 companies
  • Efficient and Effective—apps tailored to energize your business goals
  • Professional—on time and on budget delivery assured
  • Powerful—built and run on the latest technology platforms
  • Resource Sensitive—full PTS hosting and app deployment support, as desired
  • Expert assistance—in all phases of application development and deployment
  • Scale-ability—apps to support various size businesses and user communities
At PTS we understand your business