PTS’ ConferenceMaster™ mobile system was designed to provide event and conference organizers with an easy-to-use, interactive organizer. It provides your participants with key information and tools, including agendas, announcements, speaker biographies, session materials, notes, action plans, and surveys. ConferenceMaster™ provides unique logins for participants, based on their registration profile, along with automated information views specific to their individual needs.  Multiple user levels with automated registration integration into the system. Comprehensive reporting and analytics on utilization, survey results, and action plans is included.
  • Features & Benefits


Features & Benefits

PTS’ ConferenceMaster™ provides users with the following features and benefits:

  • Flexible—optimized for tablet and mobile use as well as PCs
  • Efficient—administer events through one comprehensive systems environment
  • Versatile—manages all announcements, agendas, session details, plans and surveys
  • Convenient—event content, action plans and participant work saved automatically
  • Total Control—administrators exert full control over event operations and outcomes
  • Track-able—automates event management in real time
  • Measureable—comes with robust reporting and analytics tools
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