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DriveMaster Service Guide


PTS’ DriveMaster™ Service Guide has been designed to bring the service repair sales process in to the digital world. By offering powerful visuals, features and benefits, it will generate more customer confidence and more customer paid business.  Specifically designed for tablets, the system can be accessed through any PC or smartphone.  Fully, HTML5 compliant, Animations, videos and 3D graphics are all combined to provide easy-to-use information resource on 72 common maintenance and repair items.  This tool can be branded for any OEM or aftermarket service business.

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DriveMaster Service Guide

Features & Benefits

The PTS DriveMaster™ Service Guide provides users with the following features and benefits:

  • Optimized—runs on tablets and mobile devices as well as PCs
  • Easy to use—rich visuals, animation and customer-friendly content
  • Efficient—integrates client standards, guides and details
  • Powerful—with multi-conditional search capability
  • Total Control—your administrator controls all  content as desired
  • Detailed—integrates vehicle inspection checklists
  • Consistent—brings consistency and professionalism to service sales activities
At PTS we understand your business