PTS offers both customized solutions proven products, as well as many pre-built custom Mobile/Tablet applications—as varied as apps for managing operational documentation such as our powerful MoRE product—to systems for measuring service workshop productivity. We not only create applications but design, develop and host mobile environments for your entire enterprise.
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Mobile Resource Environment


Mobile Resource Environment (MoRE™) is a web-based mobile resource learning environment that grants users immediate access to detailed published content, including information on available OEM tools and equipment, learning materials, workshop notes, action plans, operational resource documents, technical documents, charts and guides, warranty and recall information, product information, sales tools, videos and more.


At PTS we understand your business


Mobile Resource Environment

Features & Benefits

PTS’ Mobile Resource Environment (MoRE™) provides users with the following features and benefits:

  • Flexibilityoptimized for both tablet and mobile devices
  • Powerfulsearch capability by keyword, document name and more
  • Comprehensivefull resource content management with simple user access
  • Control Orientedsecure administrative and archiving management
  • Multi-Resource Capablefast streaming video content support included
  • Resource Sensitiveincludes full hosting, deployment support and maintenance
  • Professional—expert assistance in cleansing, cataloging and capturing content  
  • Scalable—supports various size business and user communities
At PTS we understand your business