Paperless Workshop is a web-based application that automates the management, facilitation and participation in workshops. This solution enables participants to access course content using a tablet, in an engaging and dynamic manner. Facilitators can easily view, edit and distribute content, administer questions and receive instant feedback from participants.

  • Features & Benefits

Paperless Workshop

Features & Benefits

PTS’ Paperless Workshop provides users with the following features and benefits:

  • Developed specifically for today’s latest devices—Optimized for tablet and mobile use
  • EfficientInstructor's presentations easily managed in one environment
  • Versatile—Manages the presentation of content, rosters, notes, action plans and exercises
  • Convenient—manage after workshop review of notes, exercises, action plans and saved student participant work
  • Total ControlAdministrator control over workshop development and content, configuration, import and save user's workshops
  • Trackable participation and contact management—Automated import student participant rosters
  • Measureable—Manage pre-programmed and real-time surveys
  • Powerful research—Access and manage reference documents
  • Real-time collaborative engagement—Manage interactive workshop sessions exercises
  • Easy workflow management—Create and distribute student plans
  • Detailed—comprehensive reporting
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