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Franchise Master


PTS’ FranchiseMaster™ Document Management System automates the process of creating, collecting, indexing, editing, tracking and maintaining the documents and forms needed to set up a dealership. The effect of lost, incomplete or mismatched documents can slow the franchise process to a crawl. With FranchiseMaster™ those risks are a thing of the past. PTS’ Document Management System eliminates costly document and forms handling problems; is simple to install and streamlines the process for your applicants, field staff and headquarters team alike. Automated approval forwarding, notifications, unlimited archiving and third party data integration are just a few features of this system.

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Franchise Master

Features & Benefits

PTS’ FranchiseMaster™ system provides users with the following major features and benefits:

  • Proven—a field-tested product—eliminates installation risk while speeding time to market
  • Flexible—a scalable system that gives you all the reporting, security and flexibility you want
  • Control Oriented—keeps you in full control of all your franchise or dealership package needs
  • Versatile—supports new dealer, termination, buy-sell, relocation and service only points
  • Resource sensitive—installation, forms set up, rules configuration and hosting support
  • Contemporary—web-based, and thus accessible through any browser
  • Efficient—capable of import and export to other files ( e.g. Dealer Master File)
  • Track-able—features archiving and date recording of completed  packages and all amendments
  • Cost Sensitive—a system designed especially for the needs of the transportation industry
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Franchise Master

How It Works

PTS’ FranchiseMasterDocument Management System allows administrators in the transportation industry ( Automotive, Motorcycle, Marine, Power Equipment or Service Aftermarket) to define the way a dealership package is collected, processed and approved, the way they want it, by package type. Based on the documents required and pathway you define, forms are converted to dynamic documents, are completed, with approvals done on line, including digital signatures. Applicants or company staff (through established permissions) will enter information or upload documents and images in a secure web environment. Entries are validated, and document package progress is managed, document by document, step by step, with full visibility. PTS’ Document Management System was designed expressly to help administrators manage their dealer packages with speed, efficiency and assurance of policy and legal compliance.

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Franchise Master


PTS’ FranchiseMaster™ Document Management System provides users with the following advanced technology platform:

  • Runs on latest Web platforms
  • Dell SecureWorks Testing & Assessments (including iSensor IPS) intrusion prevention
  • Firewalled and protected with Counter Threat Appliances
  • The latest in Fast Streaming performance
  • Automatic archiving, data import and export, and email messaging and notifications                          
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