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Retail Optimization Intelligence


ROI – Retail Optimization Intelligence™ is a web-based retail consulting tool designed to maximize service operations efficiency and profitability. This integrated system includes four interrelated, user-facing applications, along with an underlying database and a reporting tool.  Action planning is built in to every component.

Service The Snapshot initiates the retailer dealer into the service efficiency operations improvement process, and demonstrates where they rank against standards, using key metrics.
Service Efficiency Review is an audit style review that, integrates data from the Service Snapshot component, along with comprehensive assessment questions to determine the quality of the service retailer’s infrastructure.
Service Effectiveness Audit assesses the quality of the customer satisfaction processes and procedures utilized in the service department at the retailer.   
Service Optimization Plan is a comprehensive, quantitative tool designed to measure resources and financial performance, allow for objectives setting, structures and processes, as well and recommend specific solutions.
Master Dealer Plan includes a summary of the Action Plans from each tool, and assists dealer retailers in managing and prioritizing their action items in order to accomplish their goals.

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Retail Optimization Intelligence

Features & Benefits

The ROI – Retail Optimization Intelligence system provides users with the following features and benefits:

  • Optimized—runs on tablets and mobile devices as well as PCs
  • Flexible— designed to meet each retailer’s specific needs
  • Detailed—diagnostic questions uncover all process, policy and procedure gaps
  • Easy to Use—quickly identifies deficiencies and produces corrective plans
  • Consistent—brings consistency to all your retail consulting activities
  • Efficient—client administrators can control all content if desired
  • Measureable—allows for tracking and measurement of all action plans
  • Control oriented—aggregated reporting for corporate level management
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